Child Dedications, Renewal of Vows, Memorials and other Ceremonies 


Child Dedications, Child Blessings, or Child Naming Ceremonies

Every night a child is born is a holy night” - Sophia Lyon Fahs, Unitarian Educator

Celebrate life and share your joy at the arrival of a new baby or recognize the importance of an older child in your life.  We can help you find the words and rituals to acknowledge this small member of your family.




As a separate ceremony or as a part of a wedding ceremony, handfasting refers to the custom of tying the couple’s hands together with cords.  It remained the legal rite of marriage in Scotland until 1939.  We can suggest ways to make this beautiful ritual a part of your commitment ceremony.


Renewal of Vows Ceremonies


There is nothing more lovely in life than the union of two people whose love for one another has grown through the years from the small acorn of passion into the great rooted tree.”               


Celebrate a significant anniversary or re-commit to your relationship by renewing your wedding vows.  We can offer many inspiring and romantic ways to pledge your love all over again.


Memorials, Funerals and Celebrations of Life


Come into this circle of loss.  Come into this circle of compassion.  Come into this circle of memory.  Come into this circle of Love.”


The loss of a family member or friend can be a very emotionally difficult event.  We can help you to acknowledge the loss, remember good times and celebrate the life of your departed loved one as family and friends come together to support each other in their grief.  This can be done shortly after the death or years later.

We also offer pet memorials.


          Other Ceremonies of Significance

Other important rites of passage, such as a coming of age, a house blessing, a divorce, or a croning celebration, may be marked with a ceremony or rituals.  Let us suggest ways to acknowledge these important events.